About Us

Elkoms d.o.o. Belgrade was founded in 1995 as a private company.

Our company renders services in engineering, design, and consulting (for detailed services click here), including all necessary administrative and operational services for the realisation of large, medium and small projects.

The company also has the “Large License” for design and execution of works on sites or building protected by the state or of cultural significance, national parks, and embassies and consulates, which is issued by the Ministry of Construction and Urbanism (P090А1, P091A1 i P092A2; I090A1, I091A1 i I092А2).

“Elkoms” d.o.o. Belgrade permanently employs 42 people, of which 17 are university graduates. Through its network of long term collaborators in Serbia “Elkoms” d.o.o. Belgrade indirectly employs another 200 people, and directly cooperates with a network of over 700 companies in the territory – distributors, partners, manufacturers.

Some of our most important local clients and partners include “Telekom Srbija“, JP “Elektromreže Srbije”VojskaMUPIvančić i Sinovi, and “JP Skijališta Srbije”, while from abroad “RC Group”, “TechnoAlpin”, “Leitner” and “Wiegand”.

The total volume of our activities has increased with our experience, so that from 2005 to 2015 we have had a continued turnover from 2.5 to 4.5 million euros.

“Elkoms” d.o.o. Belgrade is also an independent representative and distributor for foreign companies in the HVAC sector (RC group), above all for industry specific buildings – data centres, telecommunications, pharmaceutical factories, and operating rooms. During the past few years we have installed over 600 units of various capacities. Therefore, and in parallel, we have developed our own technical service department.

“Elkoms” d.o.o. Belgrade, since 2007 has its own offices in Belgrade, with a total Surface area of around 750m2, a fleet of vehicles, and all tools necessary for execution of all types of works. According to this year’s classification, we are a small enterprise.